August 22, 2013

No Sneezing Zone

Hi there! I bet you are experiencing what everyone almost everyone I have talked to this week is experiencing... allergies! Yuck! Its that stuffy head, sore throat, snotty nose followed by the dreaded sneezing fit. Not fun. Have you tried Young Living Lavender yet? We use it at our house for nearly immediate relief from all of these symptoms. Some people have great results just putting on their feet, under their toes (where the nerve point for the sinues is located). Others need a bit more. That is where we get the Lavender Swipe as it has affectionately been dubbed at our house. One good swipe in the cheek gives almost instant relief....I like to say its better than benadryl. I like to put it on a cotton swab and swipe the inside of my nose too. It helps so much.

What is your favorite way to use Lavender in the fall? What is your favorite allergy oil?

Happy Swiping!

Until Next Time,

July 24, 2013

Enzymes for Allergies and Asthma with a Weight Loss Bonus!

Lets talk about enzymes. Enzymes in their most basic state are catalysts for change in our bodies. Enzymes are proteins that speed up chemical reactions in the cell. There is a really cool video from McGraw-Hill that explains it here. (

Digestive enzymes are what help our bodies process our food. Without enzymes, we would cease to live. Just like we need oxygen, we need enzymes. Our bodies have been created so that if we’re not eating enough enzymes, our organs can produce them for us. Seems like a great idea, right? For survival, yes. For everyday living, not such a great idea. The only people who get enough enzymes are people who eat 98% raw fruit and vegetable diet. OH...and grow it in their backyard. You see, during transportation from farm to store, many of the nutrients in our food are lost, including enzymes. So how do you get enzymes in your diet if you’re not able to eat 98% raw from your backyard? I’m glad you asked! There are lots of great enzyme sources available. Some, better and more complete than others, but enzymes, none the less. Komboucha or fermented tea is a great source of enzymes. So is Kefir. However, if you’re brand new to a chemical free way of life and someone recommends Komboucha or Kefir, you’re likely to run for the hills. I know I was. Komboucha tasted like carbonated vinegar and Kefir might as well have been rotten milk. I like it now, but my taste buds and I have come a long way. The best way for people just starting, and in my opinion, the most complete way to consume enzymes is in a dietary supplement.

We know that when you add an essential oils to a supplement, you increase the absorbency of that supplement to 85% in the first hour after taking it. Without essential oils, the absorption rate is 45% in 24 hours. That is a staggering improvement! This is precisely why I only use Young Living supplements. They take the guess work out of it and essential oils are part of each supplement offered.

When I first started with Young Living, I was having success with controlling my allergies and asthma with essential oils, but I was still having attacks. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. After researching, I realized that I wasn’t doing anything wrong, I just needed to add enzymes to my routine. Tiffany suggested that I add enzymes to my daily routine in an effort to not control allergies and asthma, but to eliminate it altogether.  I was really drawn to Essentialzymes from Young Living. Hang with me, its about to get technical (just kidding!)… Essentialzymes are pancreatic enzymes, meaning they help support the pancreas by relieving it of some of its enzyme creation duties. I did what I call a ramping dose of Essentialzyme.  I took one capsule in the morning and one in the evening for seven days. After that I reduced to one a day in the morning. After the first week, I was feeling better. After the second week, I had almost eliminated all snot. (Gross but true.) After 3 weeks, I realized that I hadn’t had an asthma attack in a week.  I was amazed at how good I felt too. Now, for my fellow picture minded folks, I say that my pancreas was busy producing enzymes instead of doing its pancreas duties. Once I added the Essentialzyme, I relieved my pancreas of its extra duties, so it could go back to just doing it’s normal job.

A few months after starting the Essentialzyme, I was really feeling like I needed to detox. But I wasn’t drawn to a Master Cleanse or a cleanse of any kind. My friend had a zyto scan machine and I decided to have my first scan. It recommended Detoxzyme. Hmm…detox. This got my wheels turning. I added the Detoxzyme at two capsules in the morning and evening for about 3 weeks. It was great! I lost some weight and had more energy than ever. My body really needed to clean out my colon. After 3 weeks, I reduced to two capsules in the morning. This was mostly because I was lazy about taking them at night. In the fourth week on Detoxzyme, I notice that the mucous in my body had decreased dramatically. I also noticed that I wasn’t craving the bad, greasy, processed foods that were once a major temptation. I wanted things like fruits and vegetables. This was because I was cleaning out my body and giving my body the boost it needed to fully process the foods I was eating. The longer I took it, the more I craved the good, nutritious foods.

So the moral of my enzyme story is feed your body and your body will work for you. Your body has been divinely designed to work for you and not against you. You just have to put the right fuel into your body to allow it to run at optimum levels.

You can also view this post on where I was a guest blogger.

Until Next Time,

May 8, 2013

A Song In My Heart

Do you have one of those songs where the lyrics just stick with you? I mean really stick with you. On great days and on not-so-great days? This is mine. I've been scheduled to the hilt lately and I have had a string of pretty great days. Its so nice to be able to say  that! But this is the song that has been on replay in my head, even on the great days. I'm reminded of the promise that God will NEVER leave me. He is there to guide me through the dark. He is there to comfort me when I'm hurting. And I know He loves being there to celebrate in accomplishments, to find joy in the routine and the relish in the success of a great day. This is the link to the recording. I hope you'll listen and that this song will stick in your heart like it has stuck in mine. And remember He will never ever ever EVER leave you!

March 6, 2013

I lift my eyes up...

Psalm 121 has really been on my heart the last few days.

I know, you thought I was going to talk about the Wolfberry Eye Cream I snagged at Young Living Beauty School. :) Another post for another day.

Back to Psalm 121. I've had he honor of knowing some pretty amazing people in my lifetime. They have all been good at different things. Some are living on this earth and some are now living with the Lord. One thing they all had in common is that they wanted everyone around them to follow their dreams. They were personal friends to many people, yet everyone they interacted with felt special, like they were an important part of their lives. These people are the game changers. These people are the dreamers. They push you to be better...not who they want you to be, but to be a better YOU. They loved the Lord deeply and seem to have an understanding of grace and love that I'm just coming to understand. They trusted the Lord like the Psamlist trusted in Psalm 121. An un-waivering sense of "it will be okay because God has my back." I hope this Psalm is encouraging to you today, wherever you may be on your road to fully trusting in God.

Until Next Time,

March 4, 2013

Young Living Beauty School:::Sneak Peek!

I just realized that I didn't post at all in February! I was a busy bee! I did a health fair, 5 classes for brand new Young Living members and two Advanced Education classes! And it showed in the growth of my entire team. One thing I'm learning from the leaders I've had the privilege of being in close proximity to is that hard work pays off. Leaders are in the lead because they're working hard to get the job done and they're constantly learning new things to grow as a person as well.

My husband and I just returned home today from the first ever Young Living Beauty School! It was at the beautiful Zermatt Resort in Midway, Utah. Not only did we get to have a bit of a get away, I got to rub elbows and learn from some of the leaders and up and comers in Young Living. Relationship is key in growing in any business, but for me its the fuel that drives me. Honestly, if I didn't make a dime, but still had the chance to impact positive change in the lives of others, I'd still do everything. Its about learning from people who have been where you are, gleaning the wisdom they have to offer and making it your own.The people are the best part about Young Living!

Before I show you the sneak peek, I want to publicly announce our March classes.

Saturday, March 9th is HOLY HORMONES! (yep, its capitalized for a reason). Do you feel like a slave to your hormones? Come learn some ways to manage what is happening in your body! This is the link to register.

Saturday, March 16th is Healing Oils of the Bible. This class is an incredible opportunity to experience each of the Twelve Oils of Ancient Scripture. Not only do you get to use these oils, but we'll make the link between scripture and the science behind why each oil was used in each circumstance listed. This is the link to register:

Okay, now to the Sneak Peek! The photo below includes product from my new nightly regimen because of what I learned at YL Beauty School. As you know from previous posts, I'm a terrible face washer. I just get tired and lazy at night (especially after late night blog posts!) and I skip the face washing. So stay tuned to the blog and like us on facebook so you can keep up with what is to come. I think its pretty exciting. This routine takes about 5 minutes. And lets face it, when you're already up, what is an additional five minutes to maintain youthful, healthy, nourished skin?

 Orange Blossom facial wash, ART toner, Essential Beauty Serum, Juenesse, Wolfberry Eye Cream and ART Night Reconstructor Cream. All with incredible, pure essential oils.

Until Next Time,

January 31, 2013

Trusting God

Do you ever have those weeks when everything seems to be falling apart? I kind of had one of those weeks. But the awesome thing that happened in the midst of this weird week was the feeling that it was all still held together. There is something incredible and amazing that happens when you just decide to let go and trust God completely with everything. I mean everything. Your finances, your marriage, your children, your health, your job/career, everything. The scriptures that have just been playing over and over in my head are two that have been written on my heart for a long time, but they never get old and I never get tired of them. They're always comforting and always seem to have a new meaning every time I'm reminded of them.

The first one is Colossians 3:23 ( I like the NIV for this one):
"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not human masters."

Its just what it everything with the degree of love and affection that you would do it for God himself. Folding sheets? Fold them like they're going in the bedroom cabinet of Jesus. Typing a memo for your boss? Be careful, be efficient and be mindful just like you would if you were sending out a memo on behalf of Jesus. Seems simple, right? Well, its not always simple. I know sometimes my ego and human nature get in the way. I forget to assume the best of people like Christ would. I forget to give grace first...if I did this, I might not jump to conclusions so easily. I'm a work in progress and I love that this scripture is never very far from me. I need the reminder a lot. 

The second one is Jude 1:2 (I like this one in the Message version):
"Relax, everything's going to be alright; rest, everything's coming together; open your hearts, love is on the way!"

This one comes to me so often I might as well tattoo it on my body. I'm a type A person. I like to plan, I like to have a plan and planning is the key to success. Yep, its that intense. This scripture reminds me that God is in control. He doesn't need me to plan one thing for His plan to be successful. BUT when I allow Him to take over my plans, He perfects them. When I allow Him to work, things flow smoothly. When I allow Him to move, He moves me to places I never could have dreamed of going. So I'm practicing letting go...just like you practice love, just like you practice forgiveness, just like you practice a skill. Because that's what it is...its a fine tuned skill. You know how your grandmother just keeps her thoughts to herself even though you know she has something to say? Some people call that being a Lady. I call it maturity. You know what Grandma does later? She prays about it and gives it back to God. She lets go and trusts that He will work it out. 

What scriptures are on your heart this week?

Until Next Time, 

January 25, 2013

Stress Away...Thank God!

Today was a crazy crazy crazy day! It all started when I woke up to the sound of water. It sounded like someone had turned on our garden hose in the front. Its a common morning sound in the summer, but not on a 31 degree winter morning. I did some investigating to find the noise at all of our floor vents. I also found mega condensation on the inside of our windows. Yep. We had a leak and the water was running through our ducts. No water in the actual vents or in the house, but outside the pipes. Ugh. Like any smart, self respecting woman, I called my very handy father-in-law. Hubby was already at work and probably in class (he's a teacher). After doing some investigating with FIL on the phone and getting a steam facial while checking out one of the vents, we decided I should call the plumber. I was nervous...leaking pipes in the foundation did not seem like in ingredient in the recipe for a good day to me. Luckily, the plumber we use is also a heat and air guy too. He's awesome. Like AWESOME! Hubby coached his son a few years back, he knows super handy FIL and is an all-around good guy. I knew that if I was going to trust anyone with this mega job, it would be him. (On a side note, if you need a great plumber or heat/air guy in the Oklahoma City area, email me. I'll give you his info.) I called, he diagnosed almost immediately: slab leak. He would be able to fit us in this afternoon. I'm not sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to home stuff, but slab leak in my head sounded like jackhammers in my house and all that comes with those. I was not excited. I retreated to work.

I came home as soon as I got the "headed your way" call. After some walking around my embarassingly messy home (c'mon ya'll! I have a toddler!), we figured out that the leak was under my wash room floor. It has been oddly hot for the last 3 or 4 days. Now we know why. Mr. Amazing Plumber was able to figure out exactly which pipe was leaking, stop it and re-route things through the attic. NO jackhammers! Yeehaw!

So Julie, what oils did you use today? So glad you asked! I basically bathed in Stress Away before leaving the house. It helped a lot. It put things in perspective. I was able to count my blessings instead of counting my problems. I realized that this was fixable. This was not life-threatening. We have savings for a reason. I have a good job that allows me to take a day off for stuff like this. ALL Blessings. After the walk thru, I put Stress Away in my cheeks - yes, in my mouth. It was the suggestion of a facebook friend. It doesn't taste bad at all. And I felt very relaxed very quickly. I knew things were in good hands. So I got to catch up on the long neglected chore of finishing un-decking our halls. Yep...there was still some stuff up. Its a process friends. I'm also diffusing Thieves like its going out of style and we're armed with Theives Cleaner too.

That leak and this day are now in the bag. Time for some good sleep. Mommy and me swimming lessons are tomorrow morning!

Until Next Time,