August 11, 2012

Bugs Be Gone!

In the last two days, on two separate occasions with people who do not know each other, I have been asked if I'm aware that the West Nile virus has made its way to the US. And in my region none the less. People are dying from a disease they have contracted from a measly little mosquito. It is truly sad. So, this prompted me to share our bug spray recipe with you. It was generously shared with me via a facebook group and I added one ingredient to make it sunscreen too. And let me tell you, this stuff WORKS! A few weeks ago we visited some friends who live on 10 acres kind of in the middle of nowhere...well within driving distance to nowhere. :) They raise goats and chickens and are kind of like superstars in my eyes. I digress. We sprayed our little man down with this mixture before we got out of the car to go in their house. We ate and chatted for a bit before getting the tour.

Have you ever been around goats and chickens? No? Well, I'll tell you, they're bug magnets! I was out there in jeans and managed to bring home at least 4 mosquito bites. Same for my husband. But our little man was spared from the bites and no bugs were even flying around him. I was kicking myself for not using on me too!

So the ingredients are as follows. Its worth noting that the person who posted this recipe intended for the combo of oils to be put into a bottle of MightyKids Lotion. I did not do that.

Here is what I used:
I purchased an amber glass spray bottle, about 3 oz (it was only a dollar or two at the local store)
15 drops of each of the following oils - Geranium, Lavender, Eucalyptus Radiata, Peppermint and Purification
Fill the bottle with distilled water and shake shake shake!

I used it for a few days before I decided to add Myrrh as a sunscreen to this mix. I added 15 drops Myrrh and voila! No burns, no bugs! When your mixture gets low, you can just add more distilled water depending on how low you let it get.

If you do get a bite, apply purification immediately.

With this recent scare we are on high alert in our house. We are using our spray before we leave the house. To apply, shake and spray a bit into your hands. Rub your hands on your body. Be careful not to get this mixture into your eyes as it could cause temporary discomfort. When applying to the face, just steer clear of the eyes. I would not apply inside of the bony circle around the eye (above cheek bones or below brow bones).

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