August 6, 2012

The Power of Peppermint

Is it hot where you live? Well, its hot where I live, here in Oklahoma! Our average daily temperature for the last several weeks has been around 100 degrees! A few days ago it was still 103 degrees at 8pm. Normally, I would be miserable and melting in this heat, but not this year. I have Young Living Peppermint Oil! The other day after being out with my little family running errands, I got home and I was feeling the effects of heat exhaustion. Ultra sweaty, super hot and sick to my stomach. I was the only goof ball who wore jeans. Everyone else wore shorts. We got home and I was changing my son's diaper when it all just hit me. I felt awful. I keep a bottle of peppermint by his changing area, so I quickly swiped some on the back of my neck.   After changing him, I changed into some fresh cool clothes and within 10 minutes I was feeling a lot better. Some people even drink a drop of Young Living Peppermint in their water to help them cool down.

We also use Peppermint for tummy aches, constipation and gas by applying it directly to the stomach. We use it for fevers by applying it to the feet or spine. And we use it for headaches by applying it to the base of the skull and the temples (by the hairline, not the eyes!).

Peppermint was the first Young Living Oil I ever used and it changed my life. I was in my first ever class about the oils, being skeptical, but hopeful, fighting off an asthma attack, when the Peppermint was passed around. We were instructed on how to apply the oil and were told to cup our hands over our mouths to breathe in the oil. As soon as I breathed it in, my asthma attack stopped. I think I sat there for about 10 minutes with my hands cupped over my nose and mouth because I was so drawn to the Peppermint. Not even my inhalers were working like the Peppermint worked. I was convinced and signed up to be a member that night.

Want to know more about Young Living Oils and how they can change your family's lives? Ask! Or click here and email me (juliehanneman AT gmail DOT com) for more information.

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