September 7, 2012

Baby Bootie

If you have a child in diapers, you know just how tender the diaper area can be. In one diaper things can go from normal to the beginning of a rash. Anything can cause it too. At our house, its usually the unknown ingestion on milk. More on how we deal with milk intolerance to come. My son is now old enough to voice when he's having issues, so that is helpful. But before your child can tell you they're hurting, they either cry or you don't find out until you change the diaper. The motherly guilt can be terrible! Once we found this formula worked for our situation, I started sharing it with all of my friends. You can use this mixture for lotion too. We have just found it to be exceptionally effective on the diaper area. I must say that I would never use this with any Essential Oil brand other than Young Living as many brands (especially the ones sold in retail stores and especially Lavender) are adulterated with chemicals that can include chlorine and kerosene. Say what!?! I know. Its shocking. But they still smell like Lavender. So consider yourself warned :) We're trying to heal the owies, not cause futher owies. If you want more info on this subject, check out my friend Terry Tillart's four part series on Essential Oil Quality.
Oh, did I mention that this is cloth diaper safe? Well, it is! Just be careful not to goop it on. I use about a nickel sized amount with every application. It is more than enough to cover the entire diaper area.

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