September 23, 2012

Updated: ART Renewal Serum

I've been doing my new skin routine for awhile now and I want to share my results with you! If you want to read my initial post, click here. I mentioned in the post  that I was using the KidScents Body Wash as face soap. Well, its completely amazing. I use it as body wash now too. I love how clean, but moisturized my skin feels after I use it. I actually skip lotion on super hot and sticky days or on days that I just don't have time for lotion. My skin doesn't feel itchy or dry on those days either. So, no for ART Renewal Serum. I use it every time I wash my face. After the first use, I noticed how soft and silky my skin felt. After a week of use I noticed that the texture of my skin was becoming softer in general and that my skin tone was really evening out. I have noticed a major reduction in the occurrence of  blemishes and plan to maintain this routine for a long time.
I did try something new the other day just as an experiment. I would recommend it to anyone for a nice once a week mini facial. It was the day before company photos (read head shots) and I wanted to look good. So I washed my face with my KidScents Body Wash and towel dried. I made my own masque with Thieves Dentarome Ultra toothpaste. It was a little minty, but it felt good. I left it on for 45 minutes, then washed it off  with the KS body wash. I followed with the ART Renewal Serum, then the Lavender Body lotion about 10 minutes later. My pores were smaller, I felt good and my skin had a dewy glow. It was great!

I love Thieves toothpaste. It can be used for so much more than just teeth too! Some people use it as deodorant (yes, I said deodorant) by just swiping a but under their arms. It does have all of the necessary components of a deodorant, but didn't work as one for me. I sweat like a man, so I chose to use the Aroma Guard Meadow Mist deodorant and I really like it. I have a post just for that one in the works.
Back to the toothpaste...I use it on blemishes when they do pop up and they are gone by morning. Its good stuff and it tastes good too!

Well that's all for this post.

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