December 3, 2012

Monday, Monday

Well, goooood morning!
So on the facebook page, I mentioned last week that I was going to participate in this photo challenge offered over at A Content Housewife.I really really really like it! In my own true style, I'm already two days behind. Ooopsie! That is okay though. Today I'm going to share day 1 thru day 3 pics with you.

Here is the challenge: Take a picture each day to match the prompt.

Day One: 
Your view for today. It was my pretty decorated living room! We had a pajama day at our house and just enjoyed resting and hanging out together. 

Day Two:
My favorite holiday movie. Its White Christmas for so many reasons....the dancing, the singing, the romance, the outfits! I love it so much that I even have the soundtracks on two of my Spotify playlists. Its almost sad, really. Just call me up if you ever want to sing some White Christmas songs. I know all of the words. :) And really, what girl wouldn't want to wear one of these fabulous dresses at least one time. If I had a Christmas wedding, you can bet your bottom dollar one of these dresses would have made an appearance. 

Day Three: 
Red. Well, I see red every time I see this guy. My son named ours Jingle. Pretty appropriate considering Jingle Bells is the bed time song of choice for about two weeks now. We love the tradition of Elf on the Shelf. Its really fun, but at some point we're going to have to cross that theological "is it real" bridge. For right now, its more of a fun hide and seek every morning for our sweet little two-and-a-half year old. 

Lastly, I'm a bit sad that "today's temperature" isn't the picture for the day. The projected high in good ole Oklahoma City is 76 degrees. Yes, you read that correctly. Seventy Six degrees. It feels like May on December 3rd. I'm wearing capris and had my toenails been painted, I would be wearing sandals too. 

So in the spirit of spring like weather, I would like to remind you that the best way to fight the daily allergies is with Young Living Lavender and Peppermint! Just put a drop of each in your hand and apply to the sinus reflex (just under the toes) on the bottom of your foot. It will go a long way. Another way to get rid of the stuffy feeling is to swipe a q-tip on the top of your Lavender bottle and swab the inside of your nose. Or for a quick anti-histamine effect, swipe your finger on the top of the bottle, then put that finger in your cheek. This stuff works fast friends! 

Until tomorrow, 


  1. We use young living and love it! Thanks for the allergy tips! Good to know!

  2. Awesome, farmlife chick! :) Be sure to subscribe to the blog or like us on facebook so you can keep up with all of our recipes. And feel free to email if you have any questions! juliehanneman (at) gmail (dot) com.

  3. Beautiful tree! We got to 70 today in Western New York! Had the windows open. So weird for this time of the year. I'm not complaining...but I like the snow.