January 25, 2013

Stress Away...Thank God!

Today was a crazy crazy crazy day! It all started when I woke up to the sound of water. It sounded like someone had turned on our garden hose in the front. Its a common morning sound in the summer, but not on a 31 degree winter morning. I did some investigating to find the noise at all of our floor vents. I also found mega condensation on the inside of our windows. Yep. We had a leak and the water was running through our ducts. No water in the actual vents or in the house, but outside the pipes. Ugh. Like any smart, self respecting woman, I called my very handy father-in-law. Hubby was already at work and probably in class (he's a teacher). After doing some investigating with FIL on the phone and getting a steam facial while checking out one of the vents, we decided I should call the plumber. I was nervous...leaking pipes in the foundation did not seem like in ingredient in the recipe for a good day to me. Luckily, the plumber we use is also a heat and air guy too. He's awesome. Like AWESOME! Hubby coached his son a few years back, he knows super handy FIL and is an all-around good guy. I knew that if I was going to trust anyone with this mega job, it would be him. (On a side note, if you need a great plumber or heat/air guy in the Oklahoma City area, email me. I'll give you his info.) I called, he diagnosed almost immediately: slab leak. He would be able to fit us in this afternoon. I'm not sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to home stuff, but slab leak in my head sounded like jackhammers in my house and all that comes with those. I was not excited. I retreated to work.

I came home as soon as I got the "headed your way" call. After some walking around my embarassingly messy home (c'mon ya'll! I have a toddler!), we figured out that the leak was under my wash room floor. It has been oddly hot for the last 3 or 4 days. Now we know why. Mr. Amazing Plumber was able to figure out exactly which pipe was leaking, stop it and re-route things through the attic. NO jackhammers! Yeehaw!

So Julie, what oils did you use today? So glad you asked! I basically bathed in Stress Away before leaving the house. It helped a lot. It put things in perspective. I was able to count my blessings instead of counting my problems. I realized that this was fixable. This was not life-threatening. We have savings for a reason. I have a good job that allows me to take a day off for stuff like this. ALL Blessings. After the walk thru, I put Stress Away in my cheeks - yes, in my mouth. It was the suggestion of a facebook friend. It doesn't taste bad at all. And I felt very relaxed very quickly. I knew things were in good hands. So I got to catch up on the long neglected chore of finishing un-decking our halls. Yep...there was still some stuff up. Its a process friends. I'm also diffusing Thieves like its going out of style and we're armed with Theives Cleaner too.

That leak and this day are now in the bag. Time for some good sleep. Mommy and me swimming lessons are tomorrow morning!

Until Next Time,

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