March 6, 2013

I lift my eyes up...

Psalm 121 has really been on my heart the last few days.

I know, you thought I was going to talk about the Wolfberry Eye Cream I snagged at Young Living Beauty School. :) Another post for another day.

Back to Psalm 121. I've had he honor of knowing some pretty amazing people in my lifetime. They have all been good at different things. Some are living on this earth and some are now living with the Lord. One thing they all had in common is that they wanted everyone around them to follow their dreams. They were personal friends to many people, yet everyone they interacted with felt special, like they were an important part of their lives. These people are the game changers. These people are the dreamers. They push you to be better...not who they want you to be, but to be a better YOU. They loved the Lord deeply and seem to have an understanding of grace and love that I'm just coming to understand. They trusted the Lord like the Psamlist trusted in Psalm 121. An un-waivering sense of "it will be okay because God has my back." I hope this Psalm is encouraging to you today, wherever you may be on your road to fully trusting in God.

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