March 4, 2013

Young Living Beauty School:::Sneak Peek!

I just realized that I didn't post at all in February! I was a busy bee! I did a health fair, 5 classes for brand new Young Living members and two Advanced Education classes! And it showed in the growth of my entire team. One thing I'm learning from the leaders I've had the privilege of being in close proximity to is that hard work pays off. Leaders are in the lead because they're working hard to get the job done and they're constantly learning new things to grow as a person as well.

My husband and I just returned home today from the first ever Young Living Beauty School! It was at the beautiful Zermatt Resort in Midway, Utah. Not only did we get to have a bit of a get away, I got to rub elbows and learn from some of the leaders and up and comers in Young Living. Relationship is key in growing in any business, but for me its the fuel that drives me. Honestly, if I didn't make a dime, but still had the chance to impact positive change in the lives of others, I'd still do everything. Its about learning from people who have been where you are, gleaning the wisdom they have to offer and making it your own.The people are the best part about Young Living!

Before I show you the sneak peek, I want to publicly announce our March classes.

Saturday, March 9th is HOLY HORMONES! (yep, its capitalized for a reason). Do you feel like a slave to your hormones? Come learn some ways to manage what is happening in your body! This is the link to register.

Saturday, March 16th is Healing Oils of the Bible. This class is an incredible opportunity to experience each of the Twelve Oils of Ancient Scripture. Not only do you get to use these oils, but we'll make the link between scripture and the science behind why each oil was used in each circumstance listed. This is the link to register:

Okay, now to the Sneak Peek! The photo below includes product from my new nightly regimen because of what I learned at YL Beauty School. As you know from previous posts, I'm a terrible face washer. I just get tired and lazy at night (especially after late night blog posts!) and I skip the face washing. So stay tuned to the blog and like us on facebook so you can keep up with what is to come. I think its pretty exciting. This routine takes about 5 minutes. And lets face it, when you're already up, what is an additional five minutes to maintain youthful, healthy, nourished skin?

 Orange Blossom facial wash, ART toner, Essential Beauty Serum, Juenesse, Wolfberry Eye Cream and ART Night Reconstructor Cream. All with incredible, pure essential oils.

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