May 8, 2013

A Song In My Heart

Do you have one of those songs where the lyrics just stick with you? I mean really stick with you. On great days and on not-so-great days? This is mine. I've been scheduled to the hilt lately and I have had a string of pretty great days. Its so nice to be able to say  that! But this is the song that has been on replay in my head, even on the great days. I'm reminded of the promise that God will NEVER leave me. He is there to guide me through the dark. He is there to comfort me when I'm hurting. And I know He loves being there to celebrate in accomplishments, to find joy in the routine and the relish in the success of a great day. This is the link to the recording. I hope you'll listen and that this song will stick in your heart like it has stuck in mine. And remember He will never ever ever EVER leave you!

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