July 15, 2015

Challenge: 15 Days of Gratitude #15daysofgratitude

Hey there, friend!

I'm so glad you stumbled upon this blog post today. I'm issuing a challenge to myself, my team and anyone else who wants to join me. Its a gratitude challenge. We're starting tomorrow, July 16, 2015. It just so happens to by my birthday!!! I always find myself looking back and taking stock of all I had to be grateful for in the previous year. Its always a long list....so this year, I'm including the world and extending it for 15 days! That's half of a month!

We all find ourselves counting our blessings around the major holidays, but in the long, hot days of summer, we tend to get caught up in whatever is happening in our world. Its hot, our kids are "bored", we're ready for school to start, everyone is craving their routine and looking forward to fall. So instead of just "making it thru" the last half of July, I want to THANK IT THRU the last half of July. Yep, that is pretty dorky, but I'm so serious!! I hope you'll join me for 15 days and post something at least once a day for which you are grateful. When you post, use the tag #15daysofgratitude so we can find each other and inspire each other.

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Let's do it, friends!! Who is with me???

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